Newz Still Murder Mixtape Re-upload

For all those who are looking for this mixtape we have re-uploaded it for you just follow the link below.


Brooklyn Newz Love Me Like I’m Dead Mixtape Download

As promised last week we have the brand new Brooklyn Newz mixtape here for you to download. The mixtape hit the streets yesterday and now its hitting the internet here on your official source for Newz and Blok Gang Newz.MurderInc-Online.com. Download below and leave your comments on our forum.

Rapidshare Download

Zshare Download


Newz Music

Here is some music from Brooklyn Newz from the last few months.

Newz - Goon Anthem

Newz - Mo Murder

Lair Jet Lou featuring Newz - Get It Off

Love Me Like I’m Dead Covers

The follow up to Newz’s Still Murder Volume 1 mixtape is Love Me Like I’m Dead and its due out later this week here on newz.murderinc-online.com.

front cover
back cover

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